Aircraft safety comes first!
Take out aircraft insurance and ensure a complete safety and airworthiness of your aircraft.

Aircraft insurance

Insurable are various types of airplanes, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.
Covered risks include:

  • extraordinary external events during flying, rolling, while the aircraft is on the ground or is anchored,
  • negligence of the officer, pilot or other crew members
  • expenses reasonably incurred for the purpose of salvaging the insured aircraft or avoiding or mitigating the loss thereto
  • transport expenses of the damaged aircraft from the place of occurrence to the place of repair.

Liability insurance of aircraft owners for losses to third parties and passengers

Liability insurance of aircraft owners for losses inflicted upon third parties and passengers is categorised as a compulsory insurance under the provisions of the Law on Compulsory Traffic Insurance.
The risks covered include death, bodily injuries, health impairment, damage to third party and passengers’ property, destruction of or damage to cargo and registered luggage, damage due to the risk of war and terrorism, except for aircrafts with MTOM of up to 500kg.
For aircrafts that are not used for commercial purposes an insurance contract can be concluded with or without an insurance cover for damage to cargo and registered luggage.

Aerial application liability

From now on, you can leave the liability against consequences arising from aerial application of chemicals on agricultural and other surfaces to us. Take out aerial application liability insurance and get ready to start aerial spraying relieved of worries.
Covered risks include death, total or partial disability, temporary bodily injuries, illness of third parties, property damage or destruction.

Important questions

Is the aircraft insured when participating in competitions, during acrobatic flights and the like?

No, under the hull insurance, the aircraft is not insured when taking part in air competitions or while performing the acrobatic, record-setting flights and the like, that pose special risks, unless explicitly agreed and in consideration of the additional premium payment.

Does hull insurance cover damages caused by hijacking?

The hull insurance does not cover damages caused by the unlawful seizure – hijacking of an aircraft, except when specifically agreed – under special terms and conditions.

Is it possible to take out an insure coverage for an unmanned aerial vehicle – a drone?

Yes, Hull Insurance of unmanned aerial vehicles can be arranged, whether they are used as amateur or professional.
Moreover, the insurance proposal comprises the third party liability, which is regulated as mandatory under the Rulebook on Unmanned Aircrafts.

This text is for information only. More detailed information and a proposal tailored to your needs are available at all points of sale of the Company or by calling 0800 386 286 free of charge.


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