Cover your goods by insurance from loading to unloading
Goods in the international and local transit are exposed to various perils and adverse events. Avoid the risk of financial loss in case of damage to goods in transit.

Goods in transit – cargo insurance

Depending on the specific needs of our clients, we are flexible to develop various modes of insurance coverage:

  • Standard risks insured comprise a traffic accident, natural disaster, fire, explosion
  • All transportation risks (AAR) cover the standard risks, handling risks (breakage, tearing of packaging, sagging, peeling, scratches and deformations of items, odour, contact with other goods, scattering of unpackaged and bulk goods, leakage, rust, (oxidation), theft and malicious and unlawful acts of a third party
  • Special risks: risks are related to goods of specific nature
  • War and political risks

Freight forwarder’s liability insurance

As a dispatcher, a freight forwarder is insured against liability for damages inflicted upon an individual or entity ordering the freight forwarding services, in the course of performing his freight forwarding activity and in relation to the execution of a contract on freight forwarding (dispatching).
A wider scope of cover includes the consignment storage activities as well as preparation of the consignment for the dispatching: packaging, classifying, labelling, measuring quantity and weight, loading and unloading and reloading, in consideration of the additional premium charged.

Carrier’s liability insurance in international and local carriage by road

Make sure that the goods transported in international or domestic carriage arrive safely and undamaged to the desired location. Take out Carrier’s Liability Insurance in International and Domestic Carriage by Road and travel hassle-free.
Carrier’s (Insured’s) liability to the owner of consignments taken over for carriage pursuant to the concluded contract on carriage, in line with the provisions of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) and Law on Contracts for the Carriage of Goods by Road.

Insurance of custom debt in transit procedure

Under the Contract on the Insurance of Customs Debt in the Common / National Transit Procedure, the Insurer-Guarantor undertakes to provide the insurance coverage for the potential customs debt of the Insured – Principal in transit procedure.
Dunav Insurance Company is recognised by local and international customs authorities as a guarantor in the NCTS system.
On the basis of the concluded contract, Dunav Insurance Company issues a guarantee document in the common transit procedure, in accordance with the provisions of the Convention on the Common Transit Procedure or a guarantee document in the national transit procedure, used by the Insured in the national transit, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on customs-approved treatment of goods and customs formalities.

Important questions

What is the liability of the freight forwarder under the conditions of the FIATA bill of lading and is it insurable?

Yes, under special conditions. It is the liability of the Insured as an organizer and a charter carrier to the user of the carriage services for the execution of the international multimodal carriage of goods taken over under the FIATA bill of lading (FBL), in particular for:

  • proved total or partial loss of consignment
  • damage to consignment occurred during the insurance period
  • damages due to a late delivery.
7. Which risks are covered by Carrier’s Liability Insurance in International and Local Carriage by Road?

Standard risks: total or partial loss of or damage to goods, carriage and customs fees, costs of removal and carriage of remaining scattered and damaged goods in order to clear up the road at the order of competent authorities, legal fees and expenses, and the costs of reasonably attempted salvage.
Additional risks: damages resulting from proven theft of goods or of the entire vehicle loaded with goods, damages occurred as a consequence of the failure of the thermoregulation device, damages to goods during its loading on the means of transportation or unloading from the means of transportation performed by the Insured, damages due to ate delivery, costs of destruction of the damaged goods.

What are the advantages of obtaining guarantees by insurance of customs debt in the transit procedure?

Fast and simple insurance conclusion, favourable insurance prices, no special fees for claims handling and guarantee issuing.

This text is for information only. More detailed information and a proposal tailored to your needs are available at all points of sale of the Company or by calling 0800 386 286 free of charge.


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