What is your car thinking of?
Maybe we cannot guess the thoughts of your car, but we certainly can guess what it needs. The Hull proposal is always the best choice for you and your four-wheeler.

Good connoisseurs claim that cars are divided into good and bad, not old and new. Depending on your needs, you can arrange either Hull, Mini-Hull or Hull Collision Insurance.

What is the difference between the Hull, Mini-Hull Insurance and Hull Collision Insurance?

HullMini-HullHull Collision
Vehicle ageNo limitOlder than 4 yearsThere is no limit
Sum insuredActual value of the vehicleAgreed exhaustible sum insured Predefined exhaustible „ first loss“ sum insured
Insurable vehiclesAll types of motor vehicles and trailers on land and their componentsPassenger motor vehicles and their components Standard passenger motor vehicles

What do you need to know about Hull and Mini-Hull Insurance?

Both services cover standard risks such as traffic accident, fire, explosion, storm, flood and other natural catastrophes, third party frivolous and vexatious acts and other perils as well as the additional risk of theft.

Supplementary to Hull insurance, you can effect other insurance types such as insurance of working machines and vehicles against breakdown, luggage in busses, advertising and other inscriptions on the vehicle.

You can also take out Hull Insurance during the delivery of vehicles per axe, taking part in sports competitions or during test drives and rides in warehouses.

What do you need to know about Hull Collision Insurance?

Collision means a traffic accident that occurred or began on a public road, in which two vehicles came into contact with each other and which resulted in the destruction of or damage to the insured vehicle, if the insured or the driver who was driving the vehicle is fully or partly responsible for the occurrence of the damage and for which there is a record, report or official police note.

Insurance premium is determined based on: selected sum insured, engine power, agreed deductible, vehicle age, and other factors defined in the tariff.

Important questions

What is the territorial scope under Hull, Mini Hull and Hull Collision Insurance?

Hull and Hull Collision Insurance policy is valid on the territory of Serbia, Europe, Turkey and Russia, whereas Mini Hull policy is valid on the territory of Serbia, Europe and Turkey.

How is bonus calculated?

For a vehicle that has been continuously covered by Hull insurance for at least one year, and provided no claims were reported and paid in that period, a 10% bonus per year of insurance (up to a maximum of 50%) is granted. The bonus is not calculated for a Mini-Hull Policy, but at the first conclusion of this Policy we grant a discount for a good driver – when in the previous period, under the Hull Insurance, you have become eligible for a premium reduction.

What is possible deductible amount for contracting Hull Policy, Mini Hull Policy and Hull Collision?

Hull Insurance is effected with absolute deductible and possibility to choose relative (percentage) deductible.

Absolute deductible for Mini Hull is 50 EUR, combined with relative deductible of 0%, 5%,10% and 20%.

Hull Collision is contracted with compulsory absolute deductible of 100 or 200 EUR.

How is insurance premium determined?

Hull insurance provides the most comprehensive and broadest coverage for a vehicle insured at actual value, and the price depends on the actual value of the vehicle and numerous other factors. For Mini Hull Insurance, an exhaustible sum insured is taken out that corresponds to the amount of future damage, and therefore the premium is lower compared to Hull Insurance. By choosing one of the three options offered for the exhaustible sum insured and selecting the deductible, you can protect your vehicle at a very affordable price. Hull Collision Insurance is designed for policyholders who want to protect their vehicle only in the event of the most common risk – a traffic accident for which they are partially or fully responsible. With a premium starting at 30 EUR, this is the most affordable product.

What is the due date for indemnity payment?

Fourteen days from the date of completion of the documentation.

This text is for information only. More detailed information and a proposal tailored to your needs are available at all points of sale of the Company or by calling 0800 386 286 free of charge.


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