In your business, you comply with all the regulations, rules of profession and science; however, the damages will happen because the errors and omissions are always possible. Rely on us as a partner in the protection of your property interests.

Professional liability

Concentrate on work

Claims submitted against your company may be high and if a third party suffers from the consequences of your omissions – your legal liability for the material and immaterial damage may come to focus. You may work as a doctor, attorney or engineer – we have tailored our services in line with the specific traits of your profession and the job you perform.


Liability insurance

Protect against unforeseen events

Liability insurance covers the civic legal liability of the insured for damages occurred due to death, bodily injury or health impairment as well as damage to or destruction of third party belongings. You can arrange a liability insurance, cover for clinical trials, product liability, cover against damages in the carriage of hazardous goods of any other cover according to your needs.