Insure yourself timely, do not worry about financial losses
Claims filed against your company or individuals can be tremendously high, especially when claiming losses that are not limited by material values. Well-founded claims will be settled and inflict significant financial losses, whereas the unfounded claims will spend your time and energy.

Professional liability insurance

The covered professional liability of the Insured is a liability for professional error or omission arising from the performance of activities for which the insured is registered in the course of implementation of the contract concluded by the Insured for the specified activities. Errors and omissions represent a breach or deviation from the existing rules of the profession, established by professional standards and norms and /or failure to perform or abide by a due diligence, for which the Insured is legally liable.

We have created services tailored to specific profession and the work you engage in, because your protection comes first.

Our proposal includes various kinds of professional liability insurance.

  • Medical professional liability
  • Enginers professional liability
  • Professional liability insurance for auditors
  • Professional liability of attorneys
  • Professional liability of public enforcement officers
  • Professional liability of public notaries
  • Professional liability of liquidators
  • Insurance brokers professional liability
  • Professional liability of intermediaries in trade and lease of real estate
  • Professional liability insurance of residential community managers
  • Professional liability insurance of real estate appraisers
  • Professional liability of certification bodies and qualified trust service providers

There is more to this. According to the specific traits of your profession or work, we can tailor a service to protect your property interests.

Important questions

Which risks are covered under the professional liability insurance?

This insurance covers the professional liability of the Insured for pure financial losses inflicted upon third parties that occur while performing business activities.

What does the professional liability premium level depend on?

The premium level depends on the type of proffessional liability, the sum insured, income and status of the Insured, active business of the Insured and other relevant parameters.

What is provided for under the professional liability insurance?

If a third party files a claim for compensation against you, we shall, as the Insurer take the following steps, together with you:

  • undertake a defence against the unfounded and exaggerated claims for indemnity
  • settle well founded claims and
  • reimburse the legal expenses.
This text is for information only. More detailed information and a proposal tailored to your needs are available at all points of sale of the Company or by calling 0800 386 286 free of charge.


Motor Third Party Liability

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