Travels enrich our lives, make us happy and relaxed, and help us shake off the stress of the daily grind and encounter new experiences and challenges. In a word, travels make us richer. With a travel health cover, pick a carefree trip to discover.

Travel insurance

Choose a ride with a friend on your side!

Protect your health, luggage, and think of those you could unintentionally injure. Travel insurance cannot prevent unpleasant circumstances from happening and jeopardizing your journey, but can certainly alleviate the consequences, including those caused by Covid-19 virus.


Roadside assistance

Enjoy your travel!

Traveling to the seaside or for winter holidays is like a soul-food – it opens up new horizons and provides energy for new life ventures. However, unexpected situations can happen during the journey, such as a car breakdown. Therefore, choose a carefree ride with roadside assistance cover.