Always be one step ahead of a possible problem
Accidents and injuries are a part of everyday life. None of us is spared from possible complications caused by injuries, but those who prevent inconvenience by taking out accident insurance cover have the leverage.

What is covered by accident insurance

Accident insurance covers all events that occur suddenly and beyond the will of the insured person and result in their death, total or partial disability, and health impairment requiring medical assistance or temporary working incapacity.

This insurance provides coverage and appropriate indemnity in the event of:

  • accidental death
  • permanent accidental disability
  • medical expenses following an accident
  • daily allowance in case of temporary working incapacity due to an accident
  • loss of earnings (compulsory insurance)
  • rescue costs (under the insurance of members of mountaineering and speleological associations).

What types of accident insurance are offered

Our proposal comprises the following types of accident insurance:

  • individual or lump sum personal insurance;
  • group Workmen’s Compensation Insurance;
  • group Insurance of Employees against Occupational Diseases;
  • insurance of household members;
  • insurance of drivers, passengers and workers in motor vehicles;
  • members of sports organizations;
  • members of hunting and fishing organizations;
  • members of voluntary fire-fighting and other rescue services;
  • flight crew and passengers on airplanes and other aircrafts;
  • members of culture and art associations;
  • children;
  • pupils and students;
  • students during stay in a foreign country;
  • members of youth and student cooperatives;
  • guests in hotels, motels, and other accommodation facilities;
  • visitors of culture and art, sports and other events;
  • tourists and excursionists;
  • journal subscribers, savings investors, and the like;
  • mine, grenade and other explosive disposal technicians;
  • stuntmen and acrobats;
  • participants of skiing and swimming courses;
  • participants in sports games, youth and children’s Olympic games;
  • divers;
  • passengers in public transport (voluntary);
  • users (recreationalists) of cable cars and funiculars;
  • members of the mountaineering and speleological associations;
  • passengers in public transport (mandatory);
  • family accident insurance of current account holders.

Important questions

Who can be covered by individual accident insurance?

Individual accident insurance can be taken out by all individuals, in accordance with their wishes and needs, except for persons declared legally incompetent

Who can take out group workmen’s compensation?

Group workmen’s compensation can be concluded by legal entities for their employees or members, regardless of the health status, general working capacity, or years of age, excluding the persons declared legally incompetent.

Who can take out insurance for household members?

This insurance can be contracted by any member of the household or any legal entity that has an interest in insuring its members and their family or household, from birth to the age of 75, regardless of their health status and general working capacity. Exceptions are the persons declared legally incompetent who are in any case excluded from insurance. This insurance can be concluded as individual (all members of one household) or group insurance (all members of at least five households).

Who can take out insurance of children?

This insurance can be contracted by the parent or guardian of the child up to 14 years of age, but also by any other natural or legal person who has an interest in concluding this insurance. By concluding the insurance contract, the child will be insured against accidents such as: falling, slipping, hitting with an object, electric shock or lightning, traffic accidents, injuries, burns, poisoning, etc., which can result in disability or bone fractures, medical expenses, stay in hospital, or death of the insured.

Who can take out insurance of pupils and students?

This insurance can be concluded by a school (primary, secondary and vocational school, college, university) or a faculty, for its full-time and part-time students, regardless of their health status, general working capacity, and age. The insurance covers accidents that occur during 24 hours of the insurance period, not only at school, but also at home, on the sports field, on excursions, summer vacations, and in all other places.

This text is for information only. More detailed information and a proposal tailored to your needs are available at all points of sale of the Company or by calling 0800 386 286 free of charge.


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