Despite your wish and effort to conduct do your business in compliance with legal regulations and rules of profession and science, accidents will happen because mistakes and omissions are always possible. Moreover, when such omissions adversely affect a third party, your legal liability for material and immaterial damages is at issue. Claims filed against your company or against individuals can be extremely high, especially with immaterial losses which are not limited by material amounts. Valid claims become settled, causing you great financial losses, and the invalid ones waste your time and energy.

Dunav Insurance Company offers you protection against third party liability (both general and professional) and/or against liability arising from specific businesses. You only need to find out more about this line of insurance (which is inevitable in all segments of living in developed countries) from our texts and contact us to create an adequate product for the protection of your property interests, in conformity with specific characteristics of your profession and business.

Dunav Insurance Company offers a number of different liability insurance products and we are preparing a number of new products.