Sail on calm waters!
In addition to being a pleasant experience, water sailing needs to be safe. Take out an insurance coverage in time and sail smoothly.

Vessels on inland waters

This insurance is intended for passenger ships, hydrofoils, ferry boats and self-propelled cargo ships, tankers, tugs, technical vessels, barges, scows, excavators, piers, rafts-restaurants, fishing boats and other vessels.

The standard covered risks comprise the total loss of vessel due to a navigation accident, natural catastrophe, fire, loading accident, transshipment, cargo unloading or relocation, explosion, impact of a land vehicle, theft or hijacking of the entire vessel, negligence of the master or mariners, burglary and robbery and accidents on board in the course of docking.

In addition to the standard risks, the clients may take out an extended or full coverage.
There is an option to additionally contract Ship Operator’s Liability (P&I) coverage.

Boats on inland waters

This insurance can cover yachts, boats, hydraulic powerboats, sailing boats, scaffolding, rafts, pontoons, boat houses, pontoon bridges.
Standard risks include total loss due to a navigational accident, storm, shipwreck, lightning strike, earthquake, collision with another vessel, collision with the shore, fire, consequence of a latent defect of the hull or propulsion engine, explosion, burglary or forcible seizure, loss due to malicious intent or negligence by third parties or any other damages.
In addition to the standard risks, it is possible to contract the full coverage

Boat owners third party liability

All owners of self-propelled boats with engine power exceeding 15 kW, that are adequately registered in compliance with the regulations governing the vessel registration are obliged to take out the third party liability insurance.
Insured risks comprise death, bodily injury and health impairment.
You can also take out an additional voluntary liability coverage tailored for boat owners. This insurance covers liability for damages inflicted upon third parties by the use of a vessel due to a destruction of or damage to property.

Marinas and vessel repairers professional liability coverage

The marinas professional liability insurer is obliged to indemnify the Insured against any damages inflicted upon third parties as a result of the Insured’s liability or the liability of the person for whom the Insured is responsible.
The liability insurance of the Insured as a vessel repairer provides coverage for damages and/or costs incurred by third parties due to the established guilt of the Insured and/or of the person for whom the Insured is responsible.

Insurance of ships under construction

The insured subject-matter comprises ships under construction while at the shipyard or in other premises of the shipbuilder, in the port or at the construction site where the shipyard is situated, from the installation of the keel to the completion of trial runs. In addition to the ship, the subject-matter insured also comprises the ship machinery, equipment and material needed for construction, even before they are boarded on the ship.

Important questions

Which risks are covered under the extended and full coverage of vessels in inland waters?

In addition to the standard risk, the extended coverage implies a partial insurance against damages to the hull, engines, propellers, propulsion machinery, equipment and inventory.
Full coverage implies the widest scope of coverage for partial damages, costs of removal of a damaged vessel or a wreck by order of the competent authority, but only up to 10% of the sum insured.

What does Ship Operator's Liability (P&I) imply?

P&I (Protecting & Indemnity) is a service that implies the membership of your vessel in one of the leading European P&I clubs that provide for an internationally recognized coverage of ship operators’ liability against damages inflicted by the use of the ship to third parties, passengers, crew, cargo, environmental damages etc.

What does full coverage of inland waterway boats mean?

All partial damages to the hull, propulsion engines, equipment and inventory of the insured boat and/or burglary are covered, provided that the stolen parts were located in a locked space. Within the limits of the coverage provided, this insurance covers the reasonably incurred costs of a successful salvage. In the event of a salvage failure, the costs shall be reimbursed only if incurred upon explicit consent of the Insurer.

What are the insured risks under marina operators’ professional liability insurance?

Damage inflicted to a vessel while under the care of the Insured for custody and maintenance in the marina or if the vessel left the marina because it was not possible to carry out the repair in the marina, provided that the vessel is under the constant supervision; damage to the dismantled parts of the vessel within the area of the marina, excluding theft or missing of the dismantled part; damage from burglary of items onboard the vessel and the parts pertaining to the vessel while in the marina; damages due to death, bodily injury or health impairment of a third party, other than the Insured’s employees and subcontractors; damage to the third party property.

What are the insured risks under vessel repairers’ liability insurance?

Damage caused to the vessel, vessel equipment, spare parts or cargo while the vessel is held by the Insured; damages to third party property; costs and remuneration in connection with own liability for loss of life or bodily injury, directly or indirectly caused; the costs of defense against unfounded and excessive claims under professional indemnity for damages occurred on vessels or caused by vessels while they are held by the Insured.

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