In terms of human, technical and financial resources, Dunav Insurance Company holds the leading position in Serbia. Always driven by the same vision of service quality, we carry on different business activities and stand out as a powerful and one of the most successful insurance companies in Serbia.

The Companies operating within Dunav Insurance provide a wide range of specialized services, such as reinsurance, trade, preventive engineering, and vehicle inspection and repair.

In 2002, together with the international company TBIH, Dunav Insurance Company established “Dunav-TBIH”, the first pension fund in Serbia, accounting for 49% equity share. In 2006, the Company became a 100% owner of the Fund (now named “Dunav Pension Fund”). In addition, by taking over majority of shares, the Company became the majority owner of “Kosig Dunav Insurance” from Banjaluka, thus paving its way to the regional insurance market.

Dunav Auto

Blagoja Parovića 19
11000 Beograd
Phone: +381 11/3546-067
Fax: +381 11/2547-618

In its legal dealings with third parties Dunav Auto d.o.o. is authorized to conclude any type of contracts within the scope of its operations. The company is liable, to the extent of its entire assets, for the company’s obligations in legal dealings. The founder has an unlimited joint and several liability for this company’s obligations with all its assets and entire property.

Dunav Auto d.o.o. is registered for the performance of the following activities:
• Sale and maintenance of motor vehicles,
• Sale of motor vehicle spare parts and accessories,
• Vehicle maintenance and care,
• Support activities in the insurance business (brokerage and agency in motor vehicle insurance operations, vehicle damage survey and assessment and technical services related to motor vehicle insurance),
• Technical testing and analysis (vehicle technical inspection).

For practising insurance support activities, a specialized business unit has been set up within the company.

Dunav Tourist

Ulica Rujanska bb
Phone: +381 31/841 126; 841 181


Dunav Resort is located in the very heart of the Zlatibor mountain, surrounded by a pine wood. In front of the Resort, there is a modern shopping centre with boutiques, cafes, clubs and open market.

The facility includes four separate units:

  • accommodation – rooms,
  • restaurant and bars
  • congress area
  • wellness area

The Resort provides a service in the rank of a four-star hotel; it has 24 rooms (with a telephone, IPTV, wireless internet), 7 suites, wellness and fitness centre, a conference hall with 150 seats, conference room with 16 seats, a cocktail bar, billiard room, internet cafe, children’s playroom, rest hall for guests. The Resort also comprises a restaurant with a summer open-air café, which offers its guests famous Zlatibor specialties and international cuisine.

In addition to the rest and recreation, the Resort is very suitable for the accommodation and preparation of sportsmen. There are sports terrains in its vicinity: football pitches and tennis courts, big sports hall and indoor and outdoor pools.

There is a ski-lift and a skiing terrain in the close vicinity of the Resort as well as training tracks throughout the woods.

Dunav Resort is open the whole year round.

Dunav RE

Knez Mihailova 6/II
11000 Beograd
Phone: +381 11/263 47 55
Fax: +381 11/263 38 45

Dunav Re is a joint stock reinsurance company which has performed, for more than 37 continuous years, the function of a highly professional reinsurer, providing to its cedents the highest quality protection against the insured risks.

In addition to Dunav Insurance Company, Dunav Re provides reinsurance protection for the portfolio of another 19 cedents from Serbia and 8 cedents from abroad.

In 2013, over 1200 reinsurance contracts were concluded, covering all lines and types of insurance.

When placing the risks which exceed its own retention, Dunav Re, owing to its reputation in the global reinsurance market on which it has been present for decades, closely cooperates with famous international reinsurers of “A” rating, as well as with the leading international brokers.

In the course of 2012, this entity harmonized its business with the new Company Law and conducted the reorganization and rationalization of the number of employees.

Owing to its business policy focused on consistent meeting of clients’ demands, continuous enhancement of business operations, ongoing adjustment to the market laws and/or the employment of human, material and other social resources, in 2013, Dunav Re again maintained the position and reputation of the leading Serbian reinsurer, both in terms of market share and retained premium.

In 2013, the fixed capital of this company amounted to 764,802,000 million Dinars.

Extremely favourable qualification structure, with 31 company employees, of which over 70 percent hold a university degree and have completed professional training courses in the country and abroad, enables the performance of the most complex reinsurance tasks.

Owing to its teams of professionals and their respective areas of expertise, and keeping up with the domestic and global reinsurance market trends, Dunav Re has managed to maintain the reputation of a reliable reinsurer for many years now.

Zorana Pejčić
General Manager and Chairman of the Executive Board

Dunav Stockbroker

Kolarčeva 7/I
11000 Beograd,
Phone: 011/3248 788
Fax: 011/3223 763

A broker-dealer which currently operates as Dunav Stockbroker a.d. was set up in October 1997 by a group of young financial experts, under the title – Stockbroker a.d. Since its establishment, the company has been a member of Belgrade Stock-Exchange and holds licences for the provision of financial services pursuant to the valid laws.
In June 2006, we became a part of Dunav Insurance Company, one of the largest insurance companies in the Balkans. In this way, we increased our future safety and stability.
During its entire existence, Dunav Stockbroker has endeavoured to obey the highest principles of business ethics and gain trust of its clients, in the first place.
The primary goal of Dunav Stockbroker is to develop and provide reliable and efficient services of corporate financing and property management, combined with all other kinds of brokerage. Dunav Stockbroker provides services in privatization, investment banking, individual savings mechanisms and international financial collaboration. We constantly develop and implement new financial models, never before used on domestic financial market.
However, we are not exclusively devoted to large businesses and capitals, but have designed a special programme for individuals, wishing to regain their trust in the basic market values and business and create an environment for their clients to feel safe and capable to anticipate their future with certainty, instead of making day-to-day plans.

Our Services

Maintenance of a client’s securities account:

  • Account opening
  • Securities rebooking (gift, estate…)
  • Reporting on account balances
  • Informing shareholders about the assembly meetings and proxy statements
  • Placing pledge on securities


  • Brokerage in the purchase and sale of securities on the Belgrade Stock-Exchange and over-the-counter market (shares, treasury bills, bonds…)

Other activities:

  • Informing clients of the market condition
  • Collection of outstanding due securities (dividends, interests…)
  • Brokerage in the payment for services by securities (property insurance, pension insurance…)
  • Quality of the financial services we provide is supported by experience and high education of our professional team and by our most up-to-date IT system which also allows our clients to receive the quality and fast information and develop a long-standing successful business strategy.

Dunav Stockbroker specializes in providing the following services:

  • Trading – the trading department is the most important and developed part of our company. At present, it fully covers the most appealing parts of domestic financial market – short term debt instruments, government bonds and secondary turnover of corporate shares.
  • Introducing the issues on the market (IPO) – our company deals in preparing the issue of securities and introducing it on a primary financial market (IPO). To that effect, we provide clients with a full service which includes all required administrative steps of the issue preparation.
  • Corporative agent – as a corporative agent, we perform the following activities on behalf of our clients: communication and representation before the Central Registering Office, renewal of prospectuses and calculation of dividends, control and realization of voting rights (proxy voting).
  • Analysis – in the Department for Market Trends Analyses and Monitoring, Dunav Stockbroker maintains a data basis on the business environment, participants and price fluctuations.
  • Corporate financing services – Corporate Financing Department provides companies with a full service (consultancy and technical implementation), instructing them how to most efficiently and cost-effectively raise the funds needed for the actual business transactions and development. Owing to our excellent insight into the local business environment, we can provide professional services to our clients. We also provide the consultancy services in the process of finding the strategic/financial partner and support our clients throughout the transaction process.

Our regular activities also include:

  • Designing
    • full design of capital transformation project
    • design of capital increase project through the issue of equity shares and debt instruments (bonds, notes)
    • registration, marketing and placement of securities issue.
  • Consultancy
    • Consultancy with regard to daily business and market strategy planning, based on fluctuations of important economic factors (rates, interests, prices of goods and other forecasts).
    • Consultancy with regard to the applicable laws and by-laws, Rules and Instructions of the Central Registering Office and all other positive rules of law regulating the securities.

Quality of the financial services we provide is supported by experience and high education of our professional team and by our most up-to-date IT system which also allows our clients to receive the quality and fast information and develop a long-standing successful business strategy.

Dunav Insurance Banja Luka

Veselina Masleše 28
78000 Banja Luka
Phone: +387 51 246 100
Fax: +387 51 211 686

Dunav Insurance a.d. Banjaluka is one of the leading insurance companies in Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dunav Insurance is the major shareholder, with the controlling interest in this renowned insurance company.

The company was first established in 1991, as Kosig Insurance, and merged with Dunav Insurance Branch Office in 1993. Since 2008, it has been operating on the territory of the B&H Federation, through the Branch Office in Tuzla and business offices in the major towns.

Dunav Insurance a.d. Banjaluka accounts for up to 20% of the total insurance portfolio of Republika Srpska and has the most favourable insurance structure. In terms of total insurance premium it has been ranked 7th in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 29th in South East Europe.
In order to provide the Insureds and their property with the full insurance coverage without jeopardising the Company’s stability, we cede our business to Dunav Re Beograd and, through them, our business is reinsured with the renowned foreign reinsurers of AAA financial rating. This means that after major occurrences of insured events, the reinsurer and foreign reinsurer participate in the payment of claims.
In addition to its rich offer of insurance services, Dunav Insurance a.d. Banjaluka is famous for prompt and efficient payment of claims to its customers, within the legally prescribed period.
Dunav Insurance a.d. Banjaluka operates in conformity with the highest internationally recognised standards of quality management – ISO 9001:2008.

Stevo Aničić
Acting General Manager

Dunav Voluntary Pension Fund Management

Dunav Voluntary Pension Fund Management Company a.d.

Trg Republike 5/VII
11000 Beograd
Phone: +381 11/3036 420

On 8 March 2007, DUNAV Voluntary Pension Fund Management Company a.d. was licensed by the National Bank of Serbia for organizing and managing Dunav voluntary pension fund.
Under the Law on Voluntary Pension Funds and Schemes, effective as of 1 April 2006, the third pillar of the pension insurance was formally introduced into the Serbian market. This was, namely, the pension insurance on a voluntary basis, a supplement to the mandatory national pension plan. The basic element of the third pillar were the very companies that managed voluntary pension funds as group investment institutions.
DUNAV Company was incorporated by a reregistration of Dunav Pension Insurance Company a.d.o, which had been practising in the industry since 2002.
With almost 84,000 members, property value of 9.6 billion dinars (accounting for 42% of the market share) and a network of 7 sales points throughout Serbia, DUNAV Voluntary Pension Fund is the largest of its kind on the Serbian market.
These results did not remain unnoticed beyond the borders of Serbia: a British financial magazine, the World Finance, proclaimed Dunav Voluntary Pension Fund to be the best pension fund in Serbia in 2014. The World Finance cherishes the achievements and innovation through its annual awards and this was the first time that such awards were granted on the Serbian pension fund market.