When it comes to motor vehicle insurance, in Dunav Insurance Company you will find one of the best guarantors of road safety. For damages to third parties, we provide and successfully perform the services of Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance of owners and authorized users of motor and drawn vehicles i.e. MTPL Insurance.
Comprehensive insurance protects your vehicle against partial, total and additional Casco risks and against the total damage to the vehicle or working devices thereon. Get acquainted with the exceptional offer of Dunav Insurance Company.
In case of a motor accident, the drivers and passengers will be indemnified under the Drivers and Passengers Accident Insurance.
Dunav Insurance Company was the first company in Serbia to organize Roadside Assistance Insurance with 24-hour year-round assistance in Serbia and Europe and reimbursement of costs if the insured vehicle is not roadworthy or fit for safe drive.