Why opt for a life coverage provided by Dunav insurance:

  • Life insurance is one of the best financial products and, in any case, the only product which combines savings and insurance.
  • With us, each policy is a story in itself. We design it to accommodate your wishes, needs and capabilities.
  • By taking out a life insurance policy, you receive much more than mere insurance coverage. In this way, you invest in your own future, protect the dear ones, save and make plans.
  • As a leader on the Serbian insurance market, Dunav Insurance Company can offer life insurance products of top quality and, at a minimum extra cost, the additional risk coverage which enhances the quality of the standard insurance.
  • You can chose the payment method, schedule and currency. We are here to propose the best solution for you.
  • Investing in our life insurance products represents one of the profitable and least risky investments; you are aware of the guaranteed sums insured from the first date of the insurance period.
  • Dunav Insurance is the insurance company with the longest tradition and experience in the Serbian life insurance industry, but also with the largest financial reserves which make our insurance policies safe.