Business bonus Packages

Insurance of Small and Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurship

Dunav Insurance is the right partner for your business, because we understand the small business requirements and are aware of peculiarities of different industries as well as of the challenges and nature of business transacted by the SMEs and entrepreneurs.

DUNAV BUSINESS BONUS offers a multiple peril coverage of your business end employees against daily contingencies.
We are the first insurance company to have created the insurance packages tailored to suit the specific traits of a particular business, such as:

  • Trade Package
  • Package for Production and Crafts
  • Package for Hospitality
  • Package for Beauty and Care Services
  • Package for Service Industries – Bureaus, Offices and Agencies

The final choice of a package is to be made by the client.
We tailored all packages to suit your needs and they include:

Combined insurance cover against the risks which may jeopardize your business, in the following options:
Standard Package – as compulsory (includes insurance against fire and allied perils; insurance against burglary and robbery; glass breakage insurance; workmen’s compensation insurance, etc.) and
Optional Covers, specific coverage for your business (insurance of machinery, devices and installation against breakdown; insurance of business profit and salaries in the event of business interruption due to fire; general liability insurance; etc.), which allows you to combine an ideal insurance package for your full protection.
Bonus Covers – our unique way to thank you for you trust.

Advantages and Benefits

Flexibility – you can combine the Standard Package with the Optional Covers you need most
Simplicity – take out insurance on the spot and save time and money by combining covers against multiple risks on a single policy
Price – less than with standard contracting of insurance against individual risks and more favourable than for similar products on the market
Fast and efficient indemnity – our territorial presence allows for the loss assessment within 24 hours upon the occurrence, fast claim handling and indemnity payment.

Changes during the insurance period

We offer a possibility to include new employees and/or property in the insurance coverage.
We also offer to reinstate the cover fully or partly exhausted by claims payment, for the remaining insurance period, under equally favourable conditions.