Accidents can be neither anticipated nor prevented, but their consequences can be mitigated by concluding the Accident Insurance.

Accident Insurance covers any sudden events independent of the Insured’s will, which, due to an external and sudden impact on the insured person’s body, result in death, total or partial disability, health impairment requiring medical assistance or temporary incapacity for work.

This insurance provides coverage and appropriate indemnity in case of:

  • Accidental death,
  • Accidental permanent disability,
  • Accident – related medical expenses,
  • Daily allowances in case of temporary incapacity for work due to an accident,
  • Policyholder’s liability for persons and objects,
  • Loss of income (under compulsory insurance),
  • Rescue expenses (under the insurance of members of mountaineering and speleology associations).

Accidental death and permanent disability are standard risks, whereas all others are additional. The additional risks, included under particular covers, can be written only as a rider to the standard risks.

All individuals or legal entities can purchase the accident insurance tailored to their own wishes or requirements. The Insurance Terms and Conditions and sums insured are mutually agreed between the Policyholder and the Insurer.

As a rule, after signing the insurance contract the insurance premium is fully paid in advance, unless payment in instalments is agreed (semi-annual, quarterly, monthly).

The specified premium can be decreased by maximum 50%, in proportion to the decreased risk.

To exercise the rights under the insurance contract, the following obligations have to be fulfilled:

  • Insurance premium has to be paid within the agreed terms
  • Upon the occurrence of the insured event, a claim has to be reported to the Insurer along with all information and evidence, for determination of cause and amount of liability.

We offer the following covers:

  • Individual life assurance,
  • Group employee insurance,
  • Insurance of household members,
  • Multiple peril personal insurance,
  • Insurance of drivers, passengers and employees in motor vehicles,
  • Members of sports organisations,
  • Members of hunting and fishing organisations,
  • Members of volunteer fire fighting brigades and other rescue organisations,
  • Crew members and passengers on airplanes and other aircrafts,
  • Culture club members,
  • Children,
  • Pupils and students,
  • Students whilst staying abroad,
  • Members of youth and student co-operatives,
  • Guests of hotels, motels…
  • Visitors of cultural, sports and other performances,
  • Tourists and holiday-makers,
  • Magazine subscribers, savings investors and the like,
  • Dismantlers of mines, shells and other explosive devices,
  • Stunt men and acrobats,
  • Youth holiday association members on their summer and winter holidays and camping,
  • Participants of skiing and swimming courses,
  • Participants in sports contests, youth and children Olympic games,
  • Divers,
  • Passengers in public transport (voluntary),
  • Persons (recreationists) using ski lifts and ropeways,
  • Members of mountaineering and speleology associations,
  • Passengers in public transport (compulsory),
  • Family accident insurance of bank account holders.