Every day, life presents us with numerous challenges. Some we can respond to, but there are others, where we need assistance. „My Life” product answers many dilemmas, making your future more secure and less uncertain.

„My Life“ is an endowment product of top quality and most widely distributed type of insurance. This insurance product covers both the risk of death and survival. It provides protection for your family and enables you to efficiently save. Upon the occurrence of either death or survival of the insurance expiry during the insurance period, Dunav Insurance Company will pay out the sum insured.
Additional risks – accidental death or accidental permanent disability may be written in addition to the standard insurance policy which covers the named risks.

Who can take out „My Life” insurance policy?
This insurance policy can be taken out by any healthy person aged 15 through 75.

To which period „My Life” insurance policy can be concluded?
This insurance policy can be concluded to a period of 5 to 25 years..

What is the amount of insurance premium and how is it paid?
You determine the amount of insurance premium based on your financial means and future plans. The sum insured depends not only on the premium amount, but also on your age, state of health and insurance period.

Premium can be paid:
monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or as a single premium
in RSD or foreign currency ( EUR, USD, CHF )
by payment slip, standing order or payroll deduction