Human resources are the pillar of all successful business strategies, including the strategy for the provision of insurance services.

HR management and development processes in Dunav Insurance Company support the Company’s customer-focused strategy and facilitate the creation and maintenance of the highest service quality, as well as due care and trust, as key values to be observed in the communication with clients.
To adequately respond to the requirements of its customers and attain business objectives, the Company supports various employee education, professional improvement and individual development programmes. These are in-house programmes, implemented by the Company’s experts, or for such purposes, different educational organizations and institutions are outsourced.

Particular attention is paid to education of employees involved in direct provision of insurance services. Continuous training in service quality enhancement reflects the need of the Insurer to keep up with the customer’s requirements and constantly adapt to changes in the surroundings and on the market. The acquired knowledge and skills are used and tested in practice, with the client satisfaction as the most important criterion.
Striving to create the atmosphere where the culture of dialogue is appreciated and where good interpersonal relationships are of utmost importance, the Company encourages its employees to constantly create new values and achieve top results.

Accordingly, we support our employees in their socialising and building a team spirit. There are various forms of employee associations, depending on interests. Namely, the association Dunav Ars gathers creative members who practice various forms of artistic expression (painting, sculpture, writing…). The exhibitions organised by this association often have the humanitarian character.

The association of mountaineers Dunav gathers the employees, nature lovers, who together embark on organized mountaineering tours; some of them have already conquered several world-famous mountain peaks, such as Mount Everest, Denali. etc. Their feats were assisted by the Company donations.

The Company provides opportunities for young people, notably the university and college students, to do their compulsory internship in Dunav Insurance Company. In this way, we recruit the most talented individuals, who possess the adequate potentials for work and further career development in the Company.

The common way of helping young talents is by granting scholarships for undergraduate and post-graduate studies.

Through enhancing and developing service quality and raising business efficiency and creativity, we want to jointly create the values that will meet the requirements, desires and expectations of our customers, shareholders and the community, and, consequently, of the employees of Dunav Insurance Company.